Our Story

Medicare Experts

Nancy Green, Angela Severin, and Sarah Lambie come from diverse working backgrounds but share a common goal — to help people with their individual health insurance needs, enabling them to live healthier lives while also assisting agents in owning and growing their independent agencies.

Nancy, a recognized health insurance expert, has many years of experience working as a director for a national insurance company. During her time as a director, she worked specifically in the company’s Medicare division. Upon her retirement, Nancy continued to have a passion for helping people. Driven to share her Medicare knowledge and expertise, she joined forces with Angela and Sarah, creating Integrated Insurance.

Angela brings her own set of skills to the partnership. With a background in sales and marketing, she is able to effectively promote Medicare seminars and on-going services that I&I provides. She specializes in the areas of sales management, along with building a library of marketing materials for our brokers. She is recognized as a very caring and compassionate person, who knows the ins and outs of health insurance plans. 

Born and raised in Minnesota, Sarah decided to move to Arizona in 2013 in search of warmth and sunshine, and boy did she find it. She comes from a background in fine arts, from painting and drawing to sculpting and photography. Sarah then found interest in the beauty industry because of its artistic appeal. Professionally she worked on the business side of the beauty industry while using her creative skills and people skills to lead teams and departments at the Aveda Institute Phoenix. This is where she found her passion for helping people. She helped young adults plan their futures in the beauty industry. As she grew professionally, she saw the potential in the Medicare industry. She joined the family business in search of helping others and to continue growing the business.

Consultants for Retirees, Individuals, Families, Small Businesses AND Insurance Brokers

 Our Core Values

The entire I&I team is guided by a set of core values: Integrity, Trust, Compassion, Relationships, and Performance. I&I currently operates with over 65 independent insurance agents in multiple states seeking individuals with these values. The goal is to continually and rapidly grow, allowing more retires to have access toaccess expert Medicare guidance.

Your Medicare Plan Advisor

When working directly with individuals, retirees, and families, I&I  has worked to build alliances and become certified with all the insurance companies offering Medicare plans. Under the I&I name, they have also developed partnerships within the medical and financial communities. Building these partnerships has ensured that the Medicare plan you consider will cover your doctor visits and prescaccessriptions and fit within your current financial situation.

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